“Continue?” by Lesley Davis

I like sequels. My favourite film of all time is “The Empire Strikes Back” because it set the scene for the romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia. I loved “The Matrix Reloaded”  because it built more on the romance between Neo and Trinity. I’ll admit to watching “The Santa Clause 2” a fair few times but that’s got nothing at all to do with romance, it’s because I have a deep abiding adoration for Elizabeth Mitchell! Sometimes, when there are characters you really like, it’s fun to revisit them and see what’s happening in their lives since the last time you saw them. Sometimes, there are just characters you really don’t want to say goodbye to.

When I wrote “Playing Passion’s Game” I was very aware that Trent and Juliet’s story would go on past that book. I already have ‘written’ it in my head. It was very hard for me to end their story because they had really taken a hold of my imagination. And I love them. I like reading about them myself. I have characters I like and am proud of, but now and again, there are some that come to mean more. Trent is one of them. Now, it might be because she’s a gamer and, for those that know me, I’m a bit of a gamer myself. Ok, I’m an ‘eat, sleep, breathe’ gamer to be brutally honest. Writing Trent as a dedicated  gamer was great fun (and so easy to ‘research’!). What was even better was having readers get in touch with me and say that they didn’t think they’d enjoy the book because of the gaming angle. Then they had read it, fallen in love with the characters, and wanted to know more. (And quite a few then asked me to suggest a console/games for them to get! I should have been on commission!) I had fun talking to readers about the fact that, gaming angle aside, at the end of the day the story was a romance and we all love a good romance!

I knew I would go back to the characters of Trent and her gaming clan because I want to share what I see happens next. So, in 2015, “Playing In Shadow” will be published. There we’ll meet some new characters whose story will be first and foremost. But right alongside them will be Trent and Juliet. For those who read my short story “The Game Changer” in the Bold Strokes Anthology “Amor and More” you’ll have already seen Trent and Juliet revisited in preparation for the next instalment.

So keep an eye out next year for a new story with some familiar faces. It’s a sequel of sorts. I have plans for a trilogy. Who knows, it might end up like the Star Trek franchise and just keep going! We shall see, but I hope you’ll all be there to greet this new story with the same enthusiasm I received for “Playing Passion’s Game”. Game on, people, there’s more of Trent and Juliet on the way!

You can find out more about Lesley’s books on her website, and you can buy them at www.boldstrokesbooks.com. And of course you can meet her at the Bold Strokes Book Festival in June! 

5 thoughts on ““Continue?” by Lesley Davis”

  1. Ah my favourite gaming author is writing another story with Trent and Juliet, bonus but I am sulking in the corner here, why do I have o wait until 2015, like that is AGES away. Okay I will sit back and wait patiently as I know it will be worth the wait.

    1. Devlyn, it will go fast like it always does, promise! ;D Thank you for being there when this group of characters get ready to tell their next tale, I appreciate that so much!

    1. LOL, bless ya, Patty! Happy to hear you’ll be there when Trent and co return with their new friends. Thank you!

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