Another Fantastic Year


Q: “What do you do if  you find the writing isn’t working?


  • “Delete.”
  • “Cry.”
  • “Cider.”

And so went the 8th Annual Bold Strokes Book festival in Nottingham. There were lots of laughs, great questions, and the kind of atmosphere you want in a festival.

We had about eighty people throughout the weekend, all told, and it was so great to see old friends, to make some new ones, and to come together over words and books.

We’ll be putting lots of photos up of the event as they arrive from various people, but there are some up now if you want to start perusing. I hope you followed along on Twitter, too. If you want to catch up, check out #BSBUK to see what we got up to.

That means we’ve already started planning for the 9th Annual Bold Strokes Event. Know what that means? You’re in for a treat. LOADS of authors from America and beyond will be joining us next year, but make note of the date: May 5th-6th at Waterstones, Nottingham. (Not June!) We’re so excited to be hosting our fellow authors, and what makes it even more exciting? Our fearless leader, Radclyffe, will be here too!

We’ll release details as they come through. In the meantime, check out our Other Events page for events some of our authors will be attending throughout the rest of the year. We’d love to see you there.

Thanks for another great year. We couldn’t do it without reader support and author attendance, and we’re so lucky to have this event where we can come together in a safe space to support one another. Remember you can follow the authors on their own pages, sign up to our mailing list, and check us out on FB.

Thanks again, everyone. It’s always a pleasure.


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