Bold Strokes Books UK Festival

All the Feelings by Amy Dunne


Every year, for the last seven years, I’ve attended the BSB UK Book Event. I look forward to it every single year.

I’ve always been an avid reader and so many of my favourite novels have been published by BSB and their very talented authors. I love hearing the authors read from their own books, talk honestly about their writing process, and share their personal experiences. It’s fascinating and inspiring.

When I first attended, I was a shy audience member loitering at the back, avoiding eye contact with anyone. I listened intently to the authors who spoke and two things became startlingly clear to me. Just how passionate the authors were and how proud they all felt to be part of the BSB family. It inspired me. I made my mind up, then and there, that I would write a novel and have it published with BSB. And perhaps one day, I would face my fears and perhaps be brave enough to participate in a future BSB Book Event as an author.

Three published books later this will be my fifth year attending as an author. I love it. I get to spend time with amazing friends that I don’t get to see nearly as often as I’d like. I get to make new friends. We chat. We laugh. We buy books. Drink the occasional cider and laugh until our stomachs hurt. It’s a weekend full of books, panels, cake, coffee, laughter, giveaways, socialising, and gay karaoke.

What makes this year even more special? Our BSB family from all over the world are joining us is Nottingham. It’s going to be incredible. I honestly haven’t slept in over a week because I’m so frigging excited.

Whether it’s your first time joining us, or your eighth time, please know that you’re so very welcome. Come and speak to your favourite authors about the book and characters you love. Ask any burning questions. Be inspired. Make new friends. Take in all that beautiful and historic Nottingham has to offer.

If you’re traveling alone or it’s your first time joining us and you’re not entirely sure what to expect, just come up and introduce yourself to me. Please don’t be shy. I will happily chat with you and introduce you to everyone else. I’m easily recognisable, I’m the really short one… and I will probably look like a cast member from The Walking Dead, if I continue not to have insomnia because of excitement.

I wish everyone safe travels.

I look forward to catching up with you all very soon.


Amy Dunne will be at the Bold Strokes Book Festival at Waterstones, Nottingham May 5th-6th.

5 thoughts on “All the Feelings by Amy Dunne”

  1. Hi Amy, sorry I’m not there this year but have a great time and knock ’em dead with your readings!
    Huge hugs,

    1. We miss you so much, Beach. We love hearing you read from your books. We hope you’re okay. Sending humongous heartfelt hugs to you. We look forward to catching up with you next time.

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