Breaking down fun by Anna Larner


The theme for this year’s BSB book festival blog tour is ‘fun’, and what the word means to us.

Well, to be frank, I always approach the word ‘fun’ with the appropriate amount of cynicism and measured caution that the word deserves.  This is because how I interpret the word ‘fun’ entirely depends on the nuance given to it by the context of the moment.

You see we often ‘borrow’ the word ‘fun’ and use it in place of what we really mean, so much so we have bankrupted it of its authenticity. This is evidenced by the fact that nothing makes me more nervous and sceptical than the assertion of how ‘fun’ something will be and I don’t think it’s just because I’m a Brit!

Here’s what I mean:

‘Wow, that was fun!’ – Often expressed with a genuine tone of surprise.

Interpretation – I wasn’t expecting to enjoy that. This is the closest I will get to the true meaning of fun – a heartfelt expression of pleasure.

‘It was fun.’ – Always accompanied with a shrug and monotone voice.

Interpretation – It wasn’t horrible.

‘Come on, it will be fun.’ – Always delivered with a pleading, over-encouraging tone.

Interpretation – I don’t want to go either but I hear there’s free booze.

‘Wow, was that fun or what?’ – Often expressed with an uncertain enthusiasm.

Interpretation – I have no idea how I feel and I suspect you don’t either.

‘Oh we didn’t do much, you know, we had fun.’ – Often expressed with exaggerated nonchalance.

Interpretation – There’s no way I’m telling you what we actually did.

‘Wow, that was fun.’ – Always accompanied with a sarcastic tone and wide eyes.

Interpretation – Well that was utter shit.

So forgive me if I won’t say ‘trust me you’ll have fun’ in the context of the upcoming BSB festival.

What I will say is, if you love Lesfic and if the thought of a relaxed and friendly, yet stimulating weekend hanging out with kindred spirits sounds right up your street, then don’t miss out!


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