Fun or Nothing at All? By Michelle Grubb


I want to write that we should have nothing if not fun in our lives.  So, should we have nothing or fun?

I think neither, exclusively, but both in reality.

I like fun because it’s uncomplicated. It’s easy to search for and identifiable when we achieve it. We live such naturally complicated lives and yet most of us still willingly layer grimy, weathered complication on top. 

What if one day we peeled away all that we pile upon ourselves only to be left with the bare bones? The natural complication, the natural disappointment, the natural inadequacies. Perhaps if we did this we could also reveal our natural simplicity, natural beauty, natural confidences, natural funny side, natural childish tendencies and our natural vulnerabilities.

We’re always being told we need to be sad to be happy and I also think we need to be boring to be fun. But be the boring you want to be, you know, the fun, positive boring person. There’s nothing better than a positive boring person because, after all, they’re probably enjoying their boringness, embracing it even, and heaven forbid, they might also be having fun.

We’re one in world of billions. Fun doesn’t discriminate, it’s not means tested and in varied forms, it’s accessible to almost all. If fun’s been missing in your life for a while, try it. What have you got to lose?

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