Words and Pride

As you know, we’re all about words.

We love the way they sing and the way they weave a story that won’t leave you even after the last page is turned. We love to mold them, to stretch them, to imbibe them and leave readers with a sense of having been on a special journey with close friends.

And we’re proud of what we write. We share stories about lgbt people who love, who lose, who go on wonderful adventures, who conquer space and time, and all of them are heroes in their own right. We know how powerful words are; words can heal and harm, they can show love and loathing. This is our time to remember how powerful words are, and to breathe in the stories that remind us we are never alone.

We will once again be at Manchester Pride this year, from August 24th-26th, in the Gay Village Market area. And for the first time, we’ll also be at Leicester Pride on August 31st, which is super exciting.

I hope you’ll come by and chat with us, talk about words, and Pride, and fantastic books by wonderful authors. We’d love to see you.

Image result for manchester pride 2019

Image result for leicester pride 2019

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