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And So it Begins by Victoria Villasenor

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May, 2020.

We’re heading toward June. Six months of the year seem to have drifted by, pushed by the winds of change none of us expected but all of us, globally, must deal with.

It is the eleventh year of the Bold Strokes UK festival. We passed our decade mark, and we’re heading into our next decade of LGBTQ books, authors, writing, fun.

And our first step into this next decade is one marked by global changes that have created many personal changes, and so Change is the topic our authors are playing with in the lead-up to this year’s festival, which is going to be entirely online this year. That in itself is a pretty big change, but one I think many of us are used to at this point in the year.

We’re becoming used to seeing people via screen instead of in person, and I will miss seeing so many people in person as I have every year for the last ten years. I’ll miss the laughter, the hugs, the conversations. I’ll miss the after parties where we sit and chat and catch up. I’ll miss seeing new faces and hearing new stories.

But I’m also incredibly grateful we’re in an era of technology that means we can still meet. Authors from all over can still come together to chat, to share their books with you, to be part of the LGBTQ writing community that is so important and vital, perhaps even more so in a time of upheaval.

It reminds us that we’re not alone; change may create new paths, it may demand new ways of looking at the world. But being able to come together for a weekend like this reminds us that we’re still part of something, that we have one another, that we have books where people like us feature as main characters who get happy endings, where we can find love and adventure and other worlds and so much more.

Today begins the countdown to the 11th Annual Bold Strokes Book Festival, which we’re calling theBSB Bookathon, UK in order to band together with our sister events happening elsewhere. I hope you’ll come back each day and read a blog from one of our authors joining us for the event, and I hope you’ll come to the event itself on June 6th-7th and be part of this fantastic event.

We’re still here; come hang out with us.



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