Inspiring one another by Brey Willows

What is it that inspires me? That makes me tick? What is it that gets me to the keyboard even when I can’t fathom trying to search for any words, let alone good ones?

It’s passion. Passion for stories that are fun and silly. Stories that tug on the heart strings and make a reader sigh (in a good way). Stories that make reach out and pull us into a world not our own, so we can escape reality for even a moment.

I love stories. Whether they’re told in music, or in print, or when I listen to an audiobook. And I think the best ones reach out to the humanity in each of us. The sense of displacement, of loss, of anxiety and fear. The worry about love and ambition, about finances and fitting in. And in turn, those stories inspire me to write my own.

To delve into myself; my worries, my fears, the plethora of things I think about on a daily basis. To create characters who live the kinds of lives we do and overcome the things in their path. Who find a way around the pandemics, the isolation, the financial distress. Who struggle with belief, with desire, with friendship.

And so, in 2020, I continue to find inspiration in stories. The way others are continuing to move forward, to reach out, to keep going despite the world feeling overwhelming. And I suppose I’d urge you to do so as well. Tell one another your stories, and reach out for other’s stories. Enjoy the way we’re all moving forward together, the way we’re able to find empathy, sympathy, and humanity in our connections.

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