Not Just a Side Hustle by Cathy Dunnell

I’m a debut BSB author and my first novel ‘Beulah Lodge’ is due to be published in autumn 2021. This represents the fulfilment of a life-long dream for me; I have always wanted to be a writer, for as long as I can remember.

But the strange thing is, that although I wanted desperately to be a writer, actually doing any writing seemed to be the hardest thing of all! It seemed impossible to find the time amongst all the other commitments that life threw at me. Writing was a hobby, a side hustle, the thing I tried to fit in around my day job, my love life, my social life and the numerous other calls upon my time.

I spent years trying to work out the perfect routine; getting up at the crack of dawn to write, writing in my lunch break or trying to fit in writing in the evenings after work. Whenever a few weeks or even months would slip buy without my having made much progress, the guilt would start to creep in.

Spoiler alert: I have never found the perfect routine. As life changed my time available for writing changed too. In the early days, early mornings were my best time to write but having a child soon put paid to that as precious sleep took priority over everything else!

I gradually became adept at fitting it in whenever I could. Sometimes that meant going a while without really writing anything before having a burst of intensive activity. But I kept plodding on. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t perfect, if it was something that I would end up chucking away – I had to keep putting words on the page.

Even now that the dream of being a published writer is so close to being a reality, I still need to remind myself that in order to continue to be a writer, I need to actually write!

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