Wrinkly apples and spraying beetroot by Michelle Grubb

Oh how things change. And here’s why I think that; because I never thought I’d say or think the things I sometimes say and think (See what I did there? Change is confusing).

Here’s a list of notable changes, in point form, for easy reading:

1. Shall we watch the news?
(This changes almost daily, but twenty years ago, unless I was photobombing the background during an interview, I NEVER wanted to watch the news. Hell, Home and Away was probably on at the same time and who wouldn’t want to waste their life watching shit TV?).

2. Shall we listen to the news?
(Yes, you guessed it. BBC Radio 4. I’ve morphed into my father. Before I turned forty, I switched the news off!)

3. I think I’ll bake a cake.
(My mum used to bake weekly and send my brother and I off to school with homemade treats every day. I’d be pushed to find a cake I don’t like – to buy! Now, I have a use for the wrinkly apples and brown bananas. Note to the uninitiated; don’t alter the recipe of a cake, it’s too much to eat a rubbish cake on your own because you can’t share it).

4. I think I’ll bake a loaf of sourdough.
(This is a change in so many ways. To begin, I rarely plan ahead to the next hour, let alone three days’ time when the bread will be baked. On Monday, I often find myself thinking how nice a slice of toasted sourdough would be…on Thursday!).

5. Yes, of course we need a food processor.
(There’s nothing I like better than to spray beetroot, carrot and sweet potato from assh*le to breakfast across the kitchen with an expensive machine I require ear defenders to use…and I bloody love it. If you fancy the recipe for the veggie balls, get in touch. Satisfaction on so many levels).

6. I can’t be bothered making up excuses.
(This change has required development over the years. I also call it being economical with my words. I just can’t be bothered coming up with excuses anymore. I’m concurrently attempting a level of kindness higher than any level I’ve achieved in the past, so as you can imagine, this is a balancing act requiring a little thought. Needless to say, it’s unlikely I’ll accept your dinner invitation for a seafood feast with you and your fifty kids!).

Change. It happens. All the time. We’ll be okay.

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