Change is in the air by Mickey Brent

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d write about change, since we’ve all been going through so much of it this past year. Who would’ve imagined a global pandemic would surface and disrupt our lives in such a severe way? I certainly didn’t. My life was chugging along quite smoothly until it hit. Then everything changed.

So here’s some news: I hadn’t planned to move back to Brussels, Belgium, but that’s what where my partner and I and our kitty are headed in the New Year. We’ll be leaving behind sunny California, with its white, sandy beaches, palm trees, and laidback lifestyle. Hard to believe, right? But I have to admit, that last part’s a myth; my life was much more laidback and easygoing in Brussels before we relocated here eight years ago. People are constantly on the move here… Incredibly busy. I’m looking forward to a more balanced work/life situation, even if I might get a bit bored without the frenzied, high-paced activity that I’ve adopted here in the States.

I’m excited for this new change in scenery, even though rainy, cold winters aren’t my cup of tea, and Belgium is currently on lockdown due to COVID-19. I can’t wait to reconnect with my family and close European friends (virtually), and spend my evenings sitting by a crackling fireplace with my partner. We’ll stuff ourselves with thick Belgian waffles (heck, why not?) and enjoy endless mugs of hot Belgian chocolate on wintery nights.

That is, assuming we find a cozy home with a fireplace. Otherwise, I’ll settle on a cushion beside a hissing radiator with a blanket over my flannel-clad shoulders and a delicious book in my hands—most likely penned by one of our Bold Strokes Books authors, check out the new titles this year!

Yep, I’ll be ready for some down time since I’ve been laboring so hard these past years just to keep my head above water (and my ears above the waves). Did you know that rent in California is twice as much as in Brussels? And it’s on shaky ground, with the constant threat of earthquakes, wildfires, floods, riots, etc. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade these past eight years for anything. Both my partner and I learned so much, grew closer to family, and made some terrific friends and colleagues.

In Brussels, I’m going to hunker down and write, write, write. And read, read, read.

What are you planning to do in the New Year? What big changes do you have in mind?

Stay tuned for more exciting news once we’ve crossed the Atlantic and emerged from quarantine in the New Year. Until then, let’s hope that 2021 will bring an end to the pandemic and we can start living our lives as before (but with better hygiene, for some folks).

Sending you all virtual hugs and best wishes for a happy, healthy winter holiday.

Incidentally, both my books, published by Bold Strokes Books (Underwater Vibes, and its sequel, Broad Awakening), take place in Brussels, Belgium. They are included in the Christmas giveaway. Good luck!

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