What changed in YOUR life? by Victoria Villasenor


Defined via the Google as such:

  1. make (someone or something) different; alter or modify.
  2. replace (something) with something else, especially something of the same kind that is newer or better; substitute one thing for (another).

I like those definitions. I think many of us have been altered or modified by the events of 2020. I mean, I used to get up every morning and actually get dressed to work. Now, I go from jammies to sweats and then back to jammies. I judge my days on my comfort level and the line my waistband leaves in my skin. (Sexy, I know. Hands off.)

What have we replaced this year? Or substituted? I definitely don’t feel like it was for newer or better…I traded the ability to breathe well and drive for inhalers and my wife driving me everywhere and waiting in the car. I traded travel for looking at my travel photos, and I substituted human interaction for…well, no, that’s a lie. I never really had that one to begin with.

As a half glass empty kind of gal, (I’m sure that surprises you), it would probably be good to look at the good stuff, too.

The climate has been altered for the better; less flying, less cars on the road, less people out and about littering. We’ve given the earth a break, and that’s a definite good thing.

We’ve also substituted total isolation with virtual meetings, and maybe have even more contact with folks than we did before we got used to having virtual conversations. We’ve also made connections with folks all over the world thanks to taking classes and workshops and doing book events where normally only a select group of people could come along. An international audience has become the norm. And how cool is that?

So, yeah. 2020 was a clusterfuck of puking shark tornados. But there were some good things too, and I hope that those changes are ones we can continue with, because change isn’t always bad. Sometimes it’s just…change.

If you’ve made it this far: how has your life changed this year? What changes do you hope to see in 2021?

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