Reading, Writing, and Fic, oh my! by Lesley Davis

When I get the chance to read, between gaming which takes up as much time as I can possibly give it, then I like to read romance. I like the whole girl meets girl, they fall in love, and I have to have a happy ending. I’m a sucker for that. I like all genres. Admittedly I have a soft spot for fantasy because that’s a passion of mine in film, but I will read pretty much anything that takes me along on that journey of a new couple meeting their love. I can’t read a story though that is all story and just a tiny bit of the relationship, a romance that seems almost like an addition thrown in at the end to appease an audience. I want to be there from the start, the first time their eyes meet, what they feel, how the attraction grows, what drives them crazy!

That is what I like to write too, and I can read my own work as if it’s not mine and get involved in the story all over again. I write the stories for myself first, picking situations I’m intrigued by and characters I’d like to get to know. I am eternally grateful that the characters I want to see inhabit my worlds are ones others find fascinating too. I spend so long with the characters, getting their story envisioned in my brain, writing it out, and living their story with them. Once the story is done, they don’t just disappear. I don’t start the next book and the previous leading ladies are wiped from my head as if they weren’t there. I think that’s why I go back to some many of my characters, I like to see what they are doing after a while. They’re old friends.

I read a ton of fanfiction as a ‘pick up and go’ kind of read. Usually read well into the early hours when the first birdie cheeps start up when I’m having trouble sleeping. I have my favourites all stored on my Kindle that, if they were in novel form, the pages would be dog-eared and creased! But it’s not the same as reading a book and meeting brand new people whose lives are ready to unfold before you.

The books I remember the most are older ones now, but they’ve stuck with me through the years and stayed in my Swiss cheese memory. I remember reading Chris Anne Wolfe’s “Shadows of Aggar” and grasped at it as a life line. It was the first lesbian fantasy novel I read that was full of romance and action. Radclyffe’s “Fated Love” is still, for me, the best romance ever. It hit every note of what a romance should be in order for the reader to ‘live it’ along with the characters. And I can’t not mention Donald F. Glut who wrote the novel for “Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back” that I ended up having two copies of because I wore the first one out! There’s still romance in it! The start of my One True Pairing, Han and Leia!

May sees the release of my latest book “In The Spotlight” where I bring old friends back from “Starstruck” to usher forth the new characters in their own love story. It’s set around a book being filmed so you’ll get to go on the sets and see the magic happen. Of course, it can’t all be bright lights and hearts and flowers. There’s an obsessive fan who is determined to make one of the actress’s life a misery for daring to leave a show this woman was obsessed with. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy reading!

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