Reading is Me Time by Crin Claxton

A wise writer once said: “If you want to write, read.”

She was right. It’s an excellent way to learn the craft. It doesn’t matter what. As long as the story sweeps you along.

All writers are recyclers of words. We write from our own experience, from the highs and lows life throws at us and are inspired by everything from the news to films to books to theatre. No one writes in a vacuum. Except maybe babies being brought up by wolves, and last time I looked, they’re not writing.

We’re all connected. I’ve been tucking into the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. It’s not gay. It is good. (Oh no, I’ve accidentally coined an evangelist bumper sticker. Ssh, don’t tell them.) The Glass series has lots of things I like. Fierce female lead, literally a fighter (she’s an assassin) in a dystopian fantasy world. The setting is medieval. No pesky technology to ruin a good storyline. Lots of horse riding, boat sailing, camping outdoors during long treks, castles etc. Oh, and there are witches, strange powers and goings-on a plenty.

It’s a world away from covid, long-covid, economic down-turn, the awful things the Tories are doing while we’re all distracted by covid. Did I mention covid?

Reading is my not even guilty, simple pleasure. I carve time for it. Getting up early to read in the bath. Staying awake to read just another chapter. It’s me time. Lost in a story is a wonderful place to be.

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