History is Written by the Winner by Michelle Grubb

Imagine if it wasn’t.

Imagine if everything we know about history was written from an alternative perspective.

I wonder would we see differently the stories of famous women in history.

When described as ‘attractive, slender and graceful’, would Florence Nightingale have preferred strong-willed, determined and sometimes a little clumsy (don’t take this as a historical fact – it’s pure speculation on my behalf).

I get she’s not real, but seriously, would Maid Marian have really been swept off her feet by Robin Hood? She was growing food to survive, she was likely knackered all the time, goodness only knows what the evil Sherriff was up to and frankly, as there was no mention of her in early English Folklore, whose bright idea was it to lob her in the picture anyway?

Back to reality; Queen Elizabeth I. Why is it that some historians refer to her as ‘short-tempered’ (might have something to do with a bunch of egotistical men attempting to bring her down ALL THE TIME), an ‘indecisive ruler’ (not mentioning any names here, BJ, but you have this covered), and that during her reign, The Virgin Queen, as she was known,enjoyed more than her share of luck? Do we not all enjoy the spoils of luck sometimes? Perhaps she was just efficient with her time and words, perhaps she saw running the country as a tad more important than her latest shag, or indeed, more important than whether she was shagging anyone at all!

Maybe she did announce that she ‘lived and died a virgin’ to the commons in 1561, but I’m not convinced she intended to be known as The Virgin Queen for the rest of history. And if she did, then good on her, no judgement here.

See where this is headed – let it be known that ‘Michelle Grubb – the illiterate author’ is not my preferred option beyond death.

The message here – and yes, there is one – is that perspective is everything. In 2021, I’ve challenged myself to read books written from a different perspective, it’s an eye opener and utterly thought provoking.

I challenge you to try it one day.

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