Looking up at my books by Eden Darry

I moved house at the end of last year, and one of the things I was most looking forward to was having somewhere to put all my books. I’ve always loved books. Books take you somewhere far away and no matter what’s going on in your life, for that hour or few hours, you can forget about everything and immerse yourself in a world the author made just for you.

So now, I have room for all my books. Because not only do I love reading books, I love having them. I keep pretty much all the books I buy. And if I really like an e book, I buy the paper version. Obviously. It makes complete financial sense.

What this means is I have a lot of books. And that means I need a lot of shelves. Basically, my big fantasy is to sit in a chair and look up at all the books I have and think to myself, ‘what a lot of lovely books, which one shall I read again?’

Usually I choose to read a Stephen King novel. He’s my go to. We all have favourite authors, the ones we go back to again and again. I started reading him when I really shouldn’t have been reading him because I had to get a chair to reach the books. They were on the high up shelf for a reason.

But I read him anyway because I liked to be scared and his books really scared me. They don’t so much anymore because I’m (just about) tall enough to reach them on the shelves, but they still spark something inside me that makes me want to keep returning to them like a favourite holiday destination. I like to be taken somewhere else for a little while. Somewhere films or tv can never take me, because someone else already imagined it and it’s not the same as how I imagine it.

So if you want me, I’ll probably be in my chair. Looking up at all my books instead of putting the vacuum round or whatever…

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