Writing what I like to read by Kadyan

Hello everybody,

I am a French author and I have already published over thirteen books in French. From the beginning, my motto has been to write what I would like to read. My first book about pirates in Caribbean sea was published in 2005 and Willowra in 2007.

While I was reading lesbian English literature in 2001 (Tipping the Velvet from Sarah Waters), I started to think “This is what I want to write!” Books that make women feel good.
From this date, I wrote many books in French from science-fiction to thriller or historical novels.
I am happy that one of the readers’ favorite books will be published in English by BSB: The secret of Willowra. A family saga taking place in Western Australia between 1913 and 2006.
I hope there will be many more translations of my books. And I am thinking of writing directly in English.

A bit about myself. I love to read BSB authors, of course, and thrillers like Peter Treymane, Nevada Barr, Arthur Upfield… everything that has an historical or nature touch.

I traveled the world a lot, especially in Asia and Oceania and used to live abroad. Now, I am back in France with my wife and my dog. We live nearby Paris in a very small and very French village in a house where I can garden in my spare time.

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