Bold Strokes Books UK Festival

Spoiler Alert! by Jenny Frame

For a solitary child, reading was really important to me. I enjoyed going regularly to the library with my mum and picking out some new books. I think the first book I remember loving, reading and rereading was, Where The Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak.

I loved that book, and even though I was quite young, I remember really identifying with the little boy who was sent to bed early for being naughty and went on this great adventure at bedtime.

I was often in trouble at that age. I know! Who would believe that? But the comfort and safety that book brought me from reading and rereading was the same feeling that books would give me my whole life.

From that early book I moved on to Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, always rereading my favourites. Then in my teens I liked an eclectic mix of sci fi, Regency romance, and Agatha Christie, and my reread pile got bigger and bigger.

It wasn’t until my thirties that I found out there was such a thing as lesfic, but when I did, I devoured all I could find, and added more titles to my ever-expanding list.

I then realised that I enjoy rereading more than a first time read. Is that weird? Am I the only one?

For some reason I find my first read through stressful, and it’s the same with TV or films. I hate not knowing what is going to happen. Yes, I love spoilers! Because whether it’s books, TV, or films, I want to feel safe knowing that everything is going to be okay. Everything is nice and safe.

I think that’s why I love writing so much. I can put my characters through all sorts of trials and tribulations, but I know that everything will turn out well in the end, because I know how it ends before it’s even begun.

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