Bold Strokes Books, Inc. is the largest LGBTQ publisher in the world at the moment. Based in New York, they put out more than sixty books per year and are constantly bringing in new, talented authors.

We publish a wide variety of fiction, and have authors all over the world. Bold Strokes is at events all over America, and here in the UK our main festival is the Bold Strokes Book  Festival in Nottingham. But you can also find us at events throughout the UK, such as L-Fest, the GLBT Fiction Meet, Lowdham Book Festival, States of Independence and more! If you’d like to sign up to our newsletter, click here.

The Bold Strokes Books website http://www.boldstrokesbooks.com is where you can find the latest, hottest LGBTQ fiction on the market.

This page is dedicated the Nottingham event (and other UK events), but you can find lots of other wonderful happenings on the Bold Strokes Books website.



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