2011 Event

This year’s 2nd annual Bold Strokes Books Author Bash, July 23-24th 2011, was amazing.

Authors Jane Fletcher, Rebecca Buck, Justine Saracen, Gill McKnight, Cari Hunter, I Beacham, Lesley Davis and editor Stacia Seamen took the stage to read from their books and answer questions from the audience.
The romance and world building panels were done in front of more than fifty people who had come from all over the UK, from Scotland, Wales, Spain and Norway. It was a diverse and wonderful crowd, and I’ve never been so impressed by a crowd’s questions and responses. There’s nothing like running a panel and really getting audience feedback.
On Saturday two thirds of the audience joined us at The Lord Roberts for drinks and a chat, and although the room left something to be desired, the atmosphere was great and everyone had a lot of fun. Dinner and a few drinks at another pub finished out an amazing day.
On Sunday, Starbucks provided coffee and biscuits, and although that ran a bit late, it was so worth the wait. People dug in before we started the talk on publishing. Again, the room was more full than not, and it was a great feeling. The authors were wonderfully candid about their experiences, and it was good to talk to people in the audience who had such great questions.
We then walked to The New Foresters for lunch provided by owner Debbie, and got to have another laugh and chat in the lovely beer garden. I got to talk to lots of people who had questions about publishing, and although we were all quite tired by the end of the day, it ended the weekend perfectly.
Here are some pics of the event. I hope you plan on joining us next year. And if you did attend, I’d love to hear from you!
BSB Nottham from jane 2011-07-23 010  BSB Nottham from jane 2011-07-23 026  BSB Nottham from jane 2011-07-23 035  BSB Nottham from jane 2011-07-23 068  LGBTQ Author Reading Promotional Flyer

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