2018 Event

BSB ID Attending Grid

Our 9th Annual Bold Strokes Book Festival is going to be majestic madness. Authors from America and beyond will be joining our UK authors for a weekend of absolute literary mayhem.

May 5th-6th, 2018

Waterstones, Nottingham. 

Are you ready? Here is the current list of attending authors at the May event in Nottingham (subject to change):

  • Mardi Alexander
    Christian Baines
    I. Beacham
    Dena Blake
    Mickey Brent
    Gun Brooke
    Nathan Burgoine
    Lesley Davis
    Nicole Disney
    Amy Dunne
  • Laurie Eichler
    Jane Fletcher
    Michelle Grubb
    Cari Hunter
    Anna Larner
    Robyn Nyx
    VK Powell
    Aurora Rey
    Jeffrey Ricker
    Renee Roman
    Justine Saracen
  • Cass Sellars
    David Swatling
    Carsen Taite
    Brey Willows
    Barbara Ann Wright
    Ileandra Young