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Love is too big for words by Brey Willows

The theme for the 2021 blog run is ‘what does love mean to you?’ That’s a big question for a blog, isn’t it? Didn’t Shakespeare have a few (hundred) sonnets dedicated to that topic? But I’ll cover it in 400 words or less, shall I? I’m not Shakespeare, after all. To me, love is ultimate… Continue reading Love is too big for words by Brey Willows

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What Love Means to Me by Cathy Dunnell

When I was growing up, I did not understand what all the fuss was about love. At school, we studied ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and I was genuinely baffled at why this was considered to be such a great love story. To me, it just seemed to be two teenagers who made terrible, rash decisions. And… Continue reading What Love Means to Me by Cathy Dunnell

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Love is…by Anna Larner

Love is incredibly precious. You can’t buy it or demand it. You don’t own it or have any guaranteed right to have it. In this way, it’s almost closer to a blessing than an emotion. Love is complex and asks that we be brave. I can’t think of something which is stronger and more enduring… Continue reading Love is…by Anna Larner

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What love is to me… by Jenny Frame

Love is laughter. I’m not known for my sense of humour, which appears strange as my favourite TV shows are comedy, and I love watching comedians. Since I was a little girl comedy was my thing, Victoria Wood, French and Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous, I watched them over and over again. I learnt the lines, acted… Continue reading What love is to me… by Jenny Frame

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What love means to me? by Skye Rowan

So this question immediately sends me visions of toasting marshmallows around a campfire, eating scones with clotted cream and jam or talking a sunset walk along the beach with my incredible partner Nic. Then I instantly want to smile and laugh, because a huge part of what love is to me is how much we… Continue reading What love means to me? by Skye Rowan


Love and Water by Lyn Hemphill

My partner has one of those families that actually seem to like each other when all’s said and done. We make plans to get together at the parents’ house over the Christmas holiday every year, the four siblings and all their kids, eight of them ranging in age from three to twenty-three, everyone drinks and… Continue reading Love and Water by Lyn Hemphill


That’s Love by Charlie Cochrane

When I was a mere whippersnapper, there was a popular film called Love Story, which I never watched, partly because it seemed a tad soppy and partly because of the awful strapline, “Love mean never having to say you’re sorry.” I mean, how blooming stupid is that? If you love someone then it’s absolutely right that… Continue reading That’s Love by Charlie Cochrane


Across the Atlantic Interview: Sandy Lowe and Brey Willows

Welcome to this holiday edition of Across the Atlantic where we pair up authors based in Britain and the US and force them into conversation in the hope of finding out what they have in common, what they love and hate about each other’s homelands, and hopefully stimulate some harmless bickering over who has the… Continue reading Across the Atlantic Interview: Sandy Lowe and Brey Willows

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Spoiler Alert! by Jenny Frame

For a solitary child, reading was really important to me. I enjoyed going regularly to the library with my mum and picking out some new books. I think the first book I remember loving, reading and rereading was, Where The Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. I loved that book, and even though I was… Continue reading Spoiler Alert! by Jenny Frame