Bold Strokes Books UK Festival

Opportunity and Adventure in Change by Rebecca S. Buck

This is the 11th time there has been a Nottingham-based Bold Strokes Books festival. It’s an event that spans a whole decade. Way back in 2010, the first occasion was one quite formal afternoon in the upstairs room in Waterstones. It’s grown into a two-day celebration, welcoming international authors most years, spilling out of Waterstones into… Continue reading Opportunity and Adventure in Change by Rebecca S. Buck


Why You Should Join Us

Hello, all you lovely readers.  I'm here to give you some reasons you should join us at the 5th Annual Bold Strokes Book Festival, UK. June 6th-8th, 2014. Surround yourself with hot, unique Queer fiction. Hang out with other readers of Queer fiction and make new connections. Hang out with the award winning authors of… Continue reading Why You Should Join Us


Pitch it to Me

When you work in publishing, you throw terms around like confetti, just expecting folks to know what they mean. POV, ms, fancy-tagger, white space, etc. You kind of just figure a writer will know what you're talking about. But that's not always true. How can you possibly know what I mean when I tell you… Continue reading Pitch it to Me