A Song on My Shoulder by Justine Saracen

I’d always loved classical music, and living with a pianist for ten years, I had plenty of it in my life. But other than singing in college choruses and working in opera management, I was a purely a consumer. Deutsche Grammophon soaked up a ton of my money over the years. Even after beginning to… Continue reading A Song on My Shoulder by Justine Saracen


A Cold Craving by Justine Saracen

I spent my youth in sunbaked in Southern California, in shorts, tee shirt, sandals. It was a cheery time and I was a cheery adolescent, but I had a secret longing. (I mean, aside from aching for Esther Williams.)  Snow. It looked so wonderful on calendars and postcards and in Christmas movies, in contrast to… Continue reading A Cold Craving by Justine Saracen

Bold Strokes Books UK Festival

Women in Uniform by Justine Saracen

Julie Tizard, appearing in her own USAF flight suit and I, wearing a replica of a Soviet air force lieutenant, recently presented at the Women in Aviation conference in Reno. As a retired air force colonel, Julie was in her element, while I myself was a bit intimidated by all the aviation women talking shop… Continue reading Women in Uniform by Justine Saracen


2013 Event Program

Saturday, June 8th 1:00pm Panel 1: Romantic Interludes. I. Beacham, Lesley Davis, Russ Gregory and Amy Dunne talk romance Coffee Chat: Let’s Talk About Sex. Justine Saracen, Crin Claxton and Russ Gregory talk about the different ways of writing sex. Panel 2: Location, Location, Location. Andrea Bramhall, Cari Hunter and Rebecca S. Buck talk about the importance of setting.… Continue reading 2013 Event Program