Bold Strokes Books UK Festival

Women in Uniform by Justine Saracen

Julie Tizard, appearing in her own USAF flight suit and I, wearing a replica of a Soviet air force lieutenant, recently presented at the Women in Aviation conference in Reno. As a retired air force colonel, Julie was in her element, while I myself was a bit intimidated by all the aviation women talking shop… Continue reading Women in Uniform by Justine Saracen

Bold Strokes Books UK Festival


I’ve enjoyed writing all my books, but this one has been an absolute pleasure. Writing Soul Survivor has given me a chance to bring two women romantically together from diverse professional backgrounds; the international journalist and an English rural vicar. The former vocation is one I’ve always greatly admired. I have viewed the media in… Continue reading WRITING ‘SOUL SURVIVOR’ BY I BEACHAM


Behind the Scenes

So, we're doing lots of good stuff behind the scenes for the Bold Strokes Book Festival in August. Gearing up for an event like this means making lots of decisions--what are we going to use for marketing? How and who are we marking to? What's the best way to get the word out? Where do… Continue reading Behind the Scenes