Change is in the air by Mickey Brent

Hi everyone! I thought I’d write about change, since we’ve all been going through so much of it this past year. Who would’ve imagined a global pandemic would surface and disrupt our lives in such a severe way? I certainly didn’t. My life was chugging along quite smoothly until it hit. Then everything changed. So… Continue reading Change is in the air by Mickey Brent

Bold Strokes Books UK Festival

Women in Uniform by Justine Saracen

Julie Tizard, appearing in her own USAF flight suit and I, wearing a replica of a Soviet air force lieutenant, recently presented at the Women in Aviation conference in Reno. As a retired air force colonel, Julie was in her element, while I myself was a bit intimidated by all the aviation women talking shop… Continue reading Women in Uniform by Justine Saracen


Sunshine and Lesbians

Although many of us in the UK missed it this year, there was sun in other parts of the world. Manchester author Cari Hunter went to the Bold Strokes Book Festival in Palm Springs, California, where she found real sun, real lesbians, and showed off her legs. Salivate over her descriptions of sun and book… Continue reading Sunshine and Lesbians