Bold Strokes Books UK Festival

A Decade Of Words

Ten years ago, a new Nottingham author got in touch to say she'd like to do a reading/signing at Waterstones; could we help her make it happen? A decade later, we're still doing those author readings/signings. It grew from that one weeknight that had been shifted at the last minute and included three authors, to… Continue reading A Decade Of Words


Oh, and what kind of books do you write? by Matthew Bright

When I was eight years old I wrote poorly-reasoned mystery stories featuring characters named after my friends. This was quite confusing because two of my friends had the same name, which doesn’t really work in fiction, but I’ll let myself off the hook because commercial success wasn’t high on my list. When I was fourteen… Continue reading Oh, and what kind of books do you write? by Matthew Bright


Publishable, but worth it? by Anna Larner

E M Forster ‘Publishable – but worth it?’ are the words of E M Forster, inscribed on the cover of the typescript of his novel, Maurice. Completed in 1914, Maurice depicts the turmoil of middleclass Englishman, Maurice Hall, who falls in love with another man at a time (1912) when to do so risked everything.… Continue reading Publishable, but worth it? by Anna Larner


Save the Shoe Leather by I. Beacham

“I need you to blog,” she says in her usual relaxed BSB editorial voice. I think ‘fine’. I’ll go mow the lawn and hope something relatively cerebral, adroit and, with just a hint of conceptualism - that much sought after topic will leap out to me as I behead the grass and leave all its… Continue reading Save the Shoe Leather by I. Beacham


“Continue?” by Lesley Davis

I like sequels. My favourite film of all time is “The Empire Strikes Back” because it set the scene for the romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia. I loved “The Matrix Reloaded”  because it built more on the romance between Neo and Trinity. I’ll admit to watching “The Santa Clause 2” a fair few… Continue reading “Continue?” by Lesley Davis



UK author I. Beacham blogs about her trip to Women's Week in Provincetown, Massachusetts.    I’ve just got back from Women’s Week at Provincetown on Cape Cod and ‘she’ who must be obeyed (the one who runs the BSB UK Fest in Nottingham) suggested (this means ‘Do it’) I string a few words together and… Continue reading AUTUMN LEAVES AND SUNNY DAYS IN PROVINCETOWN


Andrea Bramhall Breaks Down Barriers

So the 4th Annual Bold Strokes Books UK book festival is over for another year, and I think pretty much everyone agrees it has been the most successful yet in terms of attendance, sales, marketing, and increasing awareness. Awareness of the Bold Strokes brand, of LGBTQ literature, of readers desires and wishes, and of all… Continue reading Andrea Bramhall Breaks Down Barriers


Bold Stroking in Other Places

Obviously, you can go to Bold Strokes Books online to get your LGBTQ fiction fix. But if you want a bit more of the UK folks, here are a few places you can find folks this summer: Lowdham Book Festival: We'll have a table full of books for sale UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet, Manchester: We're… Continue reading Bold Stroking in Other Places


BSB UK, Post-Event Thank You

Wow.  Really. What an amazing weekend. The 4th Annual BSB UK event was a roaring, raging, resplendent success. Though one author was unable to come due to illness (we missed you, Gill!) ten other authors held their own for two full days of panel discussions. They joked, read, chatted and just generally charmed the audience.… Continue reading BSB UK, Post-Event Thank You