Bold Strokes Books UK Festival

A Decade Of Words

Ten years ago, a new Nottingham author got in touch to say she'd like to do a reading/signing at Waterstones; could we help her make it happen? A decade later, we're still doing those author readings/signings. It grew from that one weeknight that had been shifted at the last minute and included three authors, to… Continue reading A Decade Of Words


Pitch it to Me

When you work in publishing, you throw terms around like confetti, just expecting folks to know what they mean. POV, ms, fancy-tagger, white space, etc. You kind of just figure a writer will know what you're talking about. But that's not always true. How can you possibly know what I mean when I tell you… Continue reading Pitch it to Me


Press Release!

Please share with everyone you know--email lists, FB, Twitter, etc. We'd love to keep the event growing!   For immediate release 4th Annual Bold Strokes Book Festival Waterstones Nottingham Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th   Join eleven Bold Strokes Books authors for a fantastic weekend of LGBTQ books and fun! LGBTQ authors from… Continue reading Press Release!


Bold Strokes Books Author Festival 2012

*Please note: this website is just an offshoot for the UK authors of Bold Strokes Books. For all happenings, authors, and excellent books from Bold Strokes, please go to the primary website* The dates for the 3rd Annual Bold Strokes Books Author Festival, Nottingham UK have been set! Join us on Saturday August 4th and… Continue reading Bold Strokes Books Author Festival 2012